About Us

More than 2 million RV's across Canada are only used 14 days a year. We’re here to help the rubber meet the road for the other 351.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Wheel Estate is Canada’s most trusted peer to peer RV sharing marketplace. Wheel Estate makes it easy for RV trailer owners and aspiring travellers alike to hit the road and explore the great outdoors with ease and peace of mind. Making the most of owning a trailer doesn’t have to mean spending as many days as possible on the road every year. Wheel Estate allows owners to enjoy their mobile adventure-makers when it’s convenient and makes it possible to earn a profit or offset the cost of ownership when it’s not. Qualified owners across Canada can rent their trailers to verified guests looking for a simple, secure way to enjoy an unforgettable vacation-on-wheels. The listing process is free and fellow travellers can search, discover and book the RV trailer that suits their needs. At Wheel Estate, we believe that the perfect holiday comes in as many shapes and sizes as there are campers in the wilderness, and our goal is to turn the road less travelled into the road that leads to adventure. 

Mission for Our WE Tuck Shop

Our mission is with every purchase from our awesome WE Tuck Shop, a percentage of all profits goes to the wonderful Starlight Children's Foundation Canada. They have been brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families by bringing them joy, laughter and relief, for close to 30 years. Their focus is on the family as a whole, at a time when they feel most isolated, offering programs and events that can provide an escape from the stress of dealing with a serious illness every day.  They are there for the entire journey — from hospital to home.    

Why we exist 

The concept behind Wheel Estate was born out of a search for an affordable family vacation. With few budget-friendly camping rental options available in the conventional marketplace, we saw an opportunity to create a platform for easy, affordable trailer rentals that would make road trip travels accessible to all. We wanted to make it possible for everyone and anyone to experience, explore and come to love the great outdoors on their own terms and timeline. So whether you’re in search of an affordable weekend getaway, or you have a travel trailer you love but can’t seem to use as often as you’d like, Wheel Estate was created with you in mind. You now have the access you need to find the perfect wheeled-vessel for your next adventure, and the tools you need to simplify ownership and put money back in your pocket to offset monthly bills, pay for your own special holiday or cover the cost of ownership. With more than two million privately owned RV's in Canada, Wheel Estate is here to help create meaningful experiences, one trip at a time.